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A Resonant Event - Resonance Initiated Field Effects (R.I.F.E.)

I wish thank Spectrotek for hosting the FreX Software on their servers.

All FreX software utilizes high performance, machine language optimized Windows ActiveX controls. These programs are not in common use and your Windows Virus Scanner will not know them. You will have to allow your Scanner to by-pass its software blocking functions to access FreX software. All FreX software is scanned and is 100% virus and spy ware free.

All FreX software is 32 bit, and developed on Windows XP using Microsoft Studio 6. FreX software requires Windows 98SE or higher to run its ActiveX libraries. Recommended operating system is Windows XP. Works on all Windows versions tested to Windows 10

You MUST be logged into Windows as the Administrator and have all Administrator rights for FreX software to be installed correctly to your computer. If FreX software is installed into a User Account, it will produce errors and crash.

Click the file name to start the download.

File / Link
  FreX16 - Popular "Flag Ship" single channel high performance software.
  FreXmcm - 8 Channel Sweep Function software and Dual instrument control.
 CHIamp - Low Frequency, unique frequency streams directly assists
balancing the CHI energy waves. Inspired by the Infratonics instrument.
FreX17 Spot
 FreX17 - Soon to be released. New 8 channel version of FreX16.
FreXers Spot
 FreXers - Novelty resonance scanning software.
(Keep this page checked for change)

FreX16 and CHIamp run with all functions enabled.
Frequencies will run for 6 minutes, then requires you
to click away the registration invitation to continue the program.

Registration removes these signal interruptions.

Access to FreXmcm, the coming FreX17 and FreXers requires registration.

FreX Registration
Version 16 and the coming 17
FreXmcm, and CHIamp

One Registration covers all software


FreX16, FreXmcm, and CHIamp Registration $77 AUD
Requires your first and last name. Registration details
will be e-mailed within 48 hours. Registration is for Life!
No yearly or futures fees.

If you have not received Registration within 48 hours, check your spam/junk mail or send me an e-mail so I can resend your registration. Don't wait for weeks wondering where your registration has gone.

Mission Critical:
Before you register FreX software, make sure you have installed and run FreX16 satisfactorily on your computer. Once you have been issued software registration, there is no refund.

A Failed E-mail Address:
On rare occasions customer's e-mail address fails and the registration is returned to me, undelivered. On these occasions your registration is then mailed to you via Air Mail post. There will be a wait period for a few days to a week for the letter to get to you with your registration. The FreX Registration letter is sent to your mailing address specified in your PayPal receipt.

Support and Help

You have down loaded and installed FreX, browsed the database and run some frequency sets. You have validated tones have be broadcast through your PC speakers. Good, everything is working fine for you.

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  My preferred R.I.F.E. device.
 Rife Videos
 The most comprehensive research into Dr. Rife's resonant frequency  therapy. Bravo Rife Videos!!!
 38D Vision
 Portable, Plug and Play DBX2-Pro instrument with the worlds largest  R.I.F.E. plasma tube and high power. I bought this device and am  constantly  amazed at it performance. The DBX2-Pro utilizes a modified  SPA5 circuit with dual MOSFET power transistors. Design for FreX  software.


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