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A Resonance Event

Resonance Initiated Field Effects


Borrelia burgdorferi - Lyme Disease

There are over 200 species of parasites known to attack the human body. They are listed amongst the most intelligent and aggressive species to inhabit this world and their survival and evolution cycles dates back to the time life first started on Earth.

They effect your moods, immune, and all aspects of your being, and they have no problem with destroying the body they occupy when it provides a survival pathway.

See Dr Richard Schloeffel speaking at the Australian Parliament House inaugural 'Friends of Lyme-like Illness sufferers' event. He saw what happened in the 80's and sees Australia repeating the same mistakes.

Dr. Bill Costerton The Father of Biofilms      

A new discovery of pathology.

Montana State University, Center for Biofilm Research

Lyme Disease Association - Australia

FreX is designed to be an educational entry point for scientists, researchers, medical doctors, homeopath and naturopath doctors, doctors of nutrition and those skilled in the art of healing who are interested in evaluating R.I.F.E. Frequency Therapy.

Spectrotek releases the SPA5 signal processor.
Spectrotek SPA5 3.1MHz Signal Processor Researchers discover Dr. Royal Rife's #5 machine in the UK. A group of Resonant instruments that Doctor's of the time (1930's) claim produced the most spontaneous remissions than any of the other of Dr. Rife's machines.

This is the last instrument of the group left. Carefully restored, tested and the signal broadcast measured and reverse engineered.

This signal is now available in the SPA5 circuit ... and able to be controlled by FreX Series software.

A vast array of potent functions including input from many different function generators, auto duty cycle control, frequency doubling, auto audio input balancing, upto 500 watts output for the serious lab and clinic researcher.

Introducting the DBx2-Pro from 38D Vision


A self contained, portable R.I.F.E. unit utilizing the huge 3 x 30 in BAT plasma bulb from Bill Cheb. It has a modified SPA5 board with added features for increased stability and longer life. It is designed for the not so handy of us who are looking for a plug it in and turn it on machine. It includes a tested and calibrated netbook with a licensed copy of FreX. This is the most powerful and user friendly package available today. This is literally a plug and play Giant RIFE instrument with high power and portability. For Therapists and Researchers requiring top level performance with extreme ruggedness. This is as good as it gets for RIFE therapy.

Studies of Frequency Therapy display these potential benefits ...
  • Destruction of cancer cells. Novobiotronics is shattering cancer cells with ground breaking research utilizing PEFT (Plasma Emission Field Treatments). Thanks to Dr. Anthony G. Holland, supported by Dr. James Bare.

  • De-vitalisation of virus and bacteria via mortal oscillation. Dr Rife.
    Current Research Into MOR Rife Therapy

  • Destruction of bacteria by generating resonance in their 20kHz RPM electrical flagella motor system some bacteria use to move. Japanese Government Researchers.

  • De-vitalisation of virus external protein layer, thus reducing its ability to gain access to healthy body cells (potential personal protection from pandemic virus). Gary Wade, Physicist

  • Interrupting cancer cell division, thus bringing the destruction of the daughter and mother cancer cell. Now an FDA approved device for the treatment of brain tumors. Novocure

  • Increased intra-celluar protein, increase in glycogen uptake, increase of ATP concentrations by 300% to 500% (N Cheng et al. The effects of electric current on ATP generation, protein synthesis and membrane transport in rat skin. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 1982 264-272.

  • The body's white blood cells use micro currents to deactivate pathogen. Electricity is one of the body's main "natural" tools for maintaining homeostasis.

  • Produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of C-fibres for the body to use where necessary. European medical research.

  • Pancreatic enzyme stimulation - Increases protein digestion in the blood to break down cancer cell membranes. Based on the work of Dr. Kelly DDS, MS

  • A level of free electrons delivered attach to free radicals, which helps neutralize their damaging cellular effect.

  • Current studies display body fascia release and unwinding, providing a huge boost and normalization of body functions. Tissue elasticity and hydration improvements (A field I am particularly interested in)

  • Increases cellular electro magnetic potentials, thus raising barriers of entry to harmful microbes and damaging toxins. Often referred to as "recharging the body battery". When the cell's voltage falls, we become sick according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg

  • New research focusing on re-growing lost body parts (on going)

  • New research focusing on nerve cell regeneration (on going)

  • Used in all space flight programs to condition and keep optimized body tissue which would otherwise degenerate in a weight less environment

  • Current research into scalar waves, a more esoteric science of plasma transmitters where it is believed new and untapped healing potentials exist, revolving around placebo, entrainment, and intention amplification phenomena

  • Dark field microscope analysis of live blood displays Frequency Therapy un-glues red blood cells, enabling them to deliver oxygen to remote parts of the body and diseased cell sites more efficiently.

  • Blood lives for about 3 to 4 days under a microscope. When blood is examined from someone exposed to frequency therapy, it has lived up to 30 days under a microscope

  • Used as a muscle stimulator to relieve pain, reduce spasm and edema, tonify weak muscles

  • Homoeopathic and Naturopath Doctors use frequencies in numerous applications to help their patients, including DNA optimization applications to improve cellular spare parts manufacture.

  • Stimulation of cell receptor and effectors, thus improving their up take of resources and the elimination of cellular waste.

  • Temporarily neutralizes back-ground radiation (potassium K-40 isotope) thus adding valuable extensions to cellular life cycles. (a product of warm fusion plasma lamps)

A health genie in a box ?


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